More Greece

What happened? A week goes by and no pictures. A few from a day sail to a neighboring island.


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Two days in a row! More Greece, some pictures from a day we took a ferry over to the nearby island of Patmos.

Awaiting the ferry

The coast


Satellite Dish

The Greek islands

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Before too much time passes before I put some pictures up (don't want another two years to go by) I can post some images from when I had my camera over the past two months. The first worthy subject is an early September journey when we joined friends on their ancestral Greek island of Ikaria. A few from the air, then on the ground. This should be good for a few days of pictures.

Somewhere over Eastern Europe

The Aegean Sea

Our beach village from the air

From our friends' porch

Our own beach


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Have not put any recent pictures, because I haven't taken any. A few from a quick run we made up to Grand Isle in the middle of Lake Champlain a few days ago to visit old friends; he has spent the last three years redoing their house, basically by himself. I actually had forgotten my camera so a few from the cell phone, didn't really think to take pictures of everything he did, but he put in new floors, windows and ceilings through the entire (small) house, a picture here of a second floor bedroom they added. Nice floor, windows and ceiling; not a bad bedroom view either.

The new bedroom

The new deck

Crossing the lake to the NY side


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Tug Time

Out on the Mississippi for the annual "Tug of War" between Iowa and Illinois. Friday  tornado warnings, night time fireworks on the river, the Saturday "event" right in front of the in-laws' house (nice view from the deck,) Sunday drive through the Iowa corn fields.

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